How Do I Use Header File???

I've been trying to do some research about header files but I still not understand most of them. I've only known that we have to use a header file for linking program in C++. The following are the things that I need to know:
_How to use them?
_How to use ifndef, define....etc.

Thank you, Cyrax

These are pre-processor directives. They all get parsed out when you compile. An #include basically mixes 2 files together.

Here is a good tutorial...
Thank you, I understand it now.
I got another question but it's not related to this topic, so should I post another topic?
its very easy rather than me typing bucky answers really well on his learn c++ will learn each one by heart wuickly and get used to his voice...its like i know the guy...but the tuts are really good

this guy explains so simple my girlfreind over heard it while watching desperate housewives...she knows the basics now too
You should probably post another topic, but post a link in here if you want me to visit.
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