Visual C++ Express 2010

Hi I am interested in programming. On the code side of things I am perfectly happy: I have a very small amount of experience with Small Basic and I am willing to work hard to learn.
It's the IDE or compiler, or whatever it is (Visual C++ Express, hence the title) that has confused me. When I tried to write a very simple program (Hello World, mentioned in the tutorial on this site) and run it a window popped up and said: "This project is out of date - Debug Win32 - would you like to build it?". I clicked "Yes" but then a new window appeared, saying "Unable to start program".

Is it that I am being a bit of a newbie??
Can anybody give me any advice about my future in C++ programming also maybe??
Thank you for any answers I might recieve!!!
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Get a simpler IDE. Even better, don't use an IDE to begin with. Write your code using a text editor. Compile it from the command line.
Build an empty project, not a win32 project. Then you won't get those errors.
Ok thanks but how would I compile it from the command line?? And what do you mean by a text editor, is Microsoft Office Word one?
I would do it like this:
g++ sourceFile.cpp

How you do it will depend on your compiler.

And what do you mean by a text editor, is Microsoft Office Word one?

It is, but it's a bloody awful one.
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I have tried to build an empty project, it still failed to work. Does it matter what kind of file I create?
What text editor would you reccomend??
MSVC Express is a great starting IDE. It's easy to use and doesn't have too much advanced stuff popping up.

To create a basic program, do this:
-Left side: "Visual C++ -> General", right side: "Empty project". Enter a name at the bottom; ignore solution name.

Now, you'll have a blank screen (just the blue VC background), but on the left side you should see "Solution Explorer". In Solution Explorer, you'll see the following:
Solution '<name>', followed by <name> which can be expanded. When it's expanded, you'll see 4 map icons. On of them is titled "Source Files". Right-click it, "Add" -> "New item". On the next screen, select "C++ file (.cpp)". Name it "test.cpp" or something. You'll get a blank file.

In that file, type your code, press F7 (build) and F5 (run/debug).
I would recommend you to take few houres reading into this starting site:

Most notable for C++ is this one:

You have plenty of videos to start using the Visual studio :)
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Gaminic, I tried to do that but the same thing happened. What does MSVC stand for. It's not Visual C++ Express 2010 is it because when I googled it thats what came up. Thanks everyone!!

Also, Moschops, where would I type "g++ sourceFile.cpp"?
It's, it's Microsoft Visual C++ Express (any version). Maybe you messed up the installation? Try reinstalling it.
Also, Moschops, where would I type "g++ sourceFile.cpp"?

Into the command line.
You type g++, but want to use Microsoft compiler ???????????????????
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