Converting a string to a F(x)

When you make the user input a string like "5X / ( X^2 - 5 )"
How could I make that string into an useble function, so it makes it possible to give the X any value, and then it gives the solution?

I already thought about putting it apart, and make a array of it, but how could I then make the "*" "/" chars into an operator?

Any advise is welcome :)
To decide which operator a char represents, use a switch with each operator char being a case.
but, when you make the string into this array,
how could i make it know the function[2] represents a operator?

char function[] = { 5, +, 10 }
int A = function[0] function[1] fucntion[2];

won't work :/
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What do you understand about a switch statement?

If you read this, it should be easy to see how to solve your problem.
The biggest challenge is to parse the string and put it into an appropriate format. I don't think using an array is very useful. It's probably better to think about the expressions, and subexpressions.

5X / ( X^2 - 5 ) is division of the two expressions 5X and X^2 - 5. 5X is multiplication of the expressions 5 and X. etc.

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i know how a switch statement works. When I use it, would it be possible to return an operator? If yes, how?
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