A quick question please help

how to save my value m after a for loop..
for example
int main()
{int m=0;
for(int i=0; i<3 ; i++)

i want m to stay 1.. how ?
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m IS 1. You set it to 1 three times
when the for loop is done, i dont want m to be destroyed, i want the value of m to stay 1 so i can use it outside the for loop
in other words... why im asking this?
because i want to create an array called password and i have to check that the password is formed out of a combination of numbers and letters together!
I don't see the connection, but ok.
m is not destroyed after the loop. If you defined it like i then it would have been defined inside the loop and destroyed when it ended, but since you defined it outside it will continue to exists
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