I ACTUALLY SUCCESSFULY INSTALLED AN API!! Open gl...what is it exactly?

so i can make shapes COOL!can i get sound? can i upload sprites to wrap around? i had no plans other than learning so it makes sense to produce basic games for now

i wanted sfml originaly but i got a headache installing it, could i combine the two oneday? and have an sfml game using open gl graphics? i waas okay with side scroller originaly is it particularly hard to use, i sussed out tic tac toe and moving things around on array grids, will it be easy to translate? where do i start as an abslolute noobeh
As an absolute noobeh, you did better start with something simpler than OpenGL, which is rather complicated for beginners. SFML is a great thing to start with, but if installing it is a too big exercise, you can try SDL: about the same thing, but easier to install.
Both SFML and SDL can be used together with OpenGL. And that is necessary, because OpenGL has no sound and input capabilities, so you have to use SFML or SDL to cover that parts of your program.
ah okay, shoot me down (jus kidding) back to square one i guess :/

have my brekky then shopping then lernin...thanks FRansje sdl...never thought of that
could you help me? ihave installed the bits in li and include in mingw and the trouble is when i start a new project it tells me the header file isnt in include...i look and it totally is...is sdl out to get me? can you help?
What is the exact error message?

Perhaps you asked it to include the header, but the computer didn't know which path to search for that particular file... maybe.
yay chervil...okay it says the path you entered seems valid but this wizard cannot locate the following sdl include file...sdl.h in it...the tutorial told me to put the sdl file into include...it contains all the header files for sdl so i have

mingw/include/lots of header files and a folder that says sdl and in that loads of sdl header files...do i want to take them out and put them in include?
kay i fixed it...for posterity any one with the same problem needs to right click sdl in new project choose edit this script and change line fifty from if (!VerifyFile(dir_nomacro_inc, _T("SDL.h"), _T("SDL's include")))

to if (!VerifyFile(dir_nomacro_inc, _T("SDL/SDL.h"), _T("SDL's include")))

i didnt figure that out by myslef
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