how I create win32 project in vs2010

in vc6.0 I choose create windows application, it has default code like winmain function, and parameter, but when I create win32 in vs2010, if I choose win32 console application -> win32, if I choose Empty next ,there's nothing in the solution, I'm a beginner, I'd like it default have the winmain function, but if i not choose empty, the default will have lots of code and I even don't know them at all, I'm cofused, what should I do to default create a simple example?

ps. what's the difference between
win32 console application -> win32
and the
win32 project
in the creation?
Console application doesn't have windows, a win32 project will guide you through to create a windowed application.

If you are new to both C++ and Win32 I will suggest that you stick to the console application, and select empty application then develop a simple code yourself.
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