Followed Tutorial..Now what?

Hello everyone, thanks for any help or direction you can provide.

I volunteer at a not for Profit Museum/Library locally in town.

They realized they have thousands and thousands of duplicate publications that they wanted to donate to various organizations. Keeping track of this seemed a bit much for an excel spreadsheet. So I thought me being a computer dork(MCSE Side of things)I might give C++ a shot and make a simple program to keep track of this. (After starting this project, now I see why I went to the network side of technology, lol)

Well I downloaded and installed Code::Blocks as well as WXwidgets. I followed the "Hello World" Tutorial and everything was going great.

Tutorial I used:

I was able to build the "GUI" interface just as we wanted it.

Unfortunately the Tutorials just ends at that part, and as I am completely new to programming I am not even sure what to search for in google to look up tutorials or information on the next step.

I have my GUI interface looking how I want. But how do I link the fields to a database and then pull the data entered into a report? I'm not asking for someone to do the work for me, I was wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial for the next steps or knows of another website that could be helpful.

Thank you so much for anyone who can point me in the right direction. I have not a clue of what to search in google and after spending the past 3 days searching my Google-Fu is weak, so I figured this grasshopper would look for a place to ask the Masters. Hopefully I came to the right place and posted it in the right area.

Here is what I have so far.
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Don't want to curb your enthusiasm but C++ is not a good language for GUI and database based projects, especially for beginners.
You would be better of using something like VB (if you are on Windows).

Anyway, take a look at this

You will also need some kind of database to store the list of publications look at
Wow, that was a fast response. Really appreciate it codewalker.
I figured C++ might be like trying to get a mouse out of my house by using a shotgun for this project. But wasn't sure what would be better so I just dove right in head first.....

I am using windows currently, but also have OSX and linux... So whichever is the best to use would not be that big of a deal for me to switch.

As for Database I downloaded and installed MYSQL, but I will check out sqlite.

Thank you so much for the link, I'm off to read some more.
Thank you again for such a fast reply and pointing this noob in the right direction.
You are welcome.
MySQL works, but I suggested SQLite as it has zero configuration and no need to learn SQL syntax etc. Also, MySQL is overkill for your current project.

Read about SQLite here
Don't want to curb your enthusiasm but C++ is not a good language for GUI and database based projects, especially for beginners.
You would be better of using something like VB (if you are on Windows).

I'd recommend Java or Python. Either would be great for this because they have large standard libraries and are well-suited for database integration and web-based forms.

C++ can do it (and do it well) but it takes a lot of work. I wouldn't want to do it for any small project; it'd be too much investment just to get the architecture in place.
You are a god send good sir!!!!!! I can't thank you enough.
and thanks moorecm, really appreciate the input. I knew Java was the most used programming language currently, just wasn't sure on what each software "specialized in". Appreciate the clarification.

Trying to keep it simple as to be honest this is going to be a throw away program at the end of the month. We just wanted a quick easy way to catalog all our books so we can see which ones we have duplicates of and then donate them.

I guess me being a computer dork I thought I'd pick up the basics rarely easy as this isn't a complicated program.

But I'll tell you what, it is way more involved on the back end than I thought. I have to give mad props to all you programmers out in the world.... Your brains must work on a higher level than the rest of us hahahaha.

I was able to do the GUI part fairly easy. But that's when most tutorials stop. There is not an easy one I have found as far as the next steps. Like how to link the field to sqlite and then generate a report using those fields.

Oh well with all the links you hooked me up with I'm sure I will get there.

Also looking at Visual Basic right now. If it can get me to my final destination easier, well then I wouldn't mind starting from scratch again....
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