C++ Builder or VisualC++? Which one is better?

Hi friends!
I'm working with VisualC++, but today I accidentally saw a topic in a persian site discussing the same question I asked and the resualt was C++Builder is better and that made me uncertain if I'm doing right?
Which one is better? (Visual or Builder)
is there anything better?
And a question: ????? Where C++ originally comes out, I mean where the first time it was? In Visual Studio or...? and when they develope it, where can we firwst time see it?
Visual C++ or Visual studio is best choice if your plan is to code applications for windows mainly.

The creator(Father) of C++ language is Mr. Bjarn Stroustrup You can see his face here

The creator of Visual C++ or Visual studio is Microsoft
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Visual Studio 4.0, the first version, was released in 1995. It evolved out of Visual C++, which was just C++. This started from version 1.0 back in 1993. ('Studio can include other languages.)

The Wikipedia articles include a potted history:

And there's this:

"My History of Visual Studio (Part 1)"

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So, you mean it is better for me to continue working with Visual?
And is there any free software?
(I found one on codepad.org)
Any suggestion, I would be happy
Another question?
Is there any Visual C++ (Seperately) or I should get the whole package of VisualStudio?
Let the (Borland) C++Builder rest in peace. Get Visual C++ Express which is free. Not that i like it. You need to register and what not.

I'd recommend Code::Blocks.
C++ builder still exist.
Borland became Embarcadero ages ago -
See here:

They do trial software - but they don't do free stuff like the Microsoft Express versions as far as I know.
C++ Builder is good for rapid development of GUI apps. It can of course be used for general-purpose C++ programming too.
Sorry if I'm asking too much questions, but NOTHER ONE:
My main purpose of programming is to be a game programmer and create my own game engine.
What should I be learning except C++?
And if you have any advice for me, i'll be gratefull!
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