Hey well I wanted to start making a game today, so I was thinking of games I used to play and love. The game I have chosen is PAC man. The problem is if I want a help resource they give me the answer. Can you guys make some snappy hints on how to make it in general I will gove a few ideas of where I'm stuck.

Where could I find some cool pacman images, I don't want to type it in for fear f being given the answer on how to make it.

Bteif explainion in how to make the walls solid.

Breif again on artifical intelligence.

And that's the main stuggle any other tips you can give will he great if you know any direct x tutorials thaat are easy please reffer me. For now I'm using a template.
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Not really sure what you're talking about apart from you want to make pac-man. So start with displaying a image and making it move, then go from there.

And just wondering, you decided that you wanted to make a game and you came to a C++ forums, so I'm guessing you're going to code in C++, but have you ever used C++ before?
Google it.

Just keep in mind that if you plan to release anything particularly amazing that you'll be targeted for legal action. Remember what happened to Plasma Pong.
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