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Water companies to charge customers based on the amount of water usage according to the table below:
Total consumption (m3) Bill.
0-100 200.000, -
101-300 U 200.000, - + 2.500, - for every m3 above 100
more than 301 500.000, - + 3.000, - for every m3 above 300

Water meter readings performed every month. Create a program with a function to read the customer's name, the number of meters last month and this month's meter number, then calculate the amount of water usage and the amount of the bill. Make invoice that contains the customer's name, the amount of water usage and the number of bills to be paid. If known figures such as water meter counter consisting of 4 digits, the program must be able to cope with the possibility of this month's figure meters figure meters lower than last month.

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