Requesting constructive feedback for my text game: FutureQuest

So, like many I've seen on these forums, I've chosen C++ as my language of choice and embarked upon the journey of game creation. Now, after months of toil, I have crafted a nifty little text RPG which I have dubbed FutureQuest.

I have completed college and I plan to send this game, along with some other design-related things (and of course the the usual resume, cover letter, etc.) to developers as a look-what-I-can-do sort of thing in the hopes that my persistence and creativity will get me an interview. High hopes, I know.

Anyway, I want the game to be the best it can be when I send it, so I ask for your help. Take whatever amount of time you will to play through my game and let me know what you think. I welcome all feedback, great and small. Found a typo? Wonderful, let me know. Have a feature or story suggestion? I'll take it. Want to gripe about my console beeps? That's okay, too. I just want to ensure that I'm sending something that will get positive responses, not negative ones.

FutureQuest is currently on version 2.02 and contains:
-A long-ish story consisting of two complete chapters, with more to come (~1 hour of total gameplay, depending on your reading speed)
-An inventory system with a fair number of items such as weapons, clothing, treasure, and consumables
-A turn-based battle system
-Three playable classes, each with unique text and abilities
-Save/load functionality
-A card game similar to blackjack
-And much, much more!

You can find the game, along with some helpful documents, here:

Screenshot of the title screen:

The equipment screen:

The card game, Faces:

Thanks for your help and enjoy!
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I think you should probably include the source code, for a few reasons:
- Many people will (rightly) be wary of downloading and running an executable from an unknown source
- An executable doesn't run on all platforms; just the one you compiled it for
- As this is a forum of programmers, you can get coding advice as well as the gameplay-related comments you are looking for
I did consider posting that, too, but since I am planning on actually using this game in my portfolio, I didn't want to provide the source code in its entirety, as it could easily be copied or stolen. I don't mind posting bits of code or certain functions if you're interested in a particular part of the game, but I think I will refrain from posting the code for the whole game except to those whom I know personally. No offense meant, of course. I suppose if people are suspicious of my file, I could add some screenshots or something. There's really not much I can do other than assure you that the .exe just a simple text game.

Oh, and yes, I compiled this to work on the Windows console. Not sure how it behaves on other platforms, but I'd like to know.
I added some screenshots to the original post. Take a look!
Come on, guys! I'm not asking you to do my homework for me here. I've actually invested months of time to craft this and am humbly requesting feedback.
Please tell me this isn't a console game...dear god!
It IS a console game and there IS a god in it! Bingo!
I am currently only on chapter 1 of the game but it look good so far.
This is very good. Downloaded Windows Console just to look at it.
Could i maybe get your e mail? i have some questions

Uh when saving. If you enter anything but a number it crashes. fyi
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IMO the fact you plan to use this in your portfolio is a reason to post the code. Then suggestions on your code can be given and you can have a better example of your work for the portfolio.
Thanks, guys! Westonrwright, you can email me at my (super-dedicated) email

IMO the fact you plan to use this in your portfolio is a reason to post the code. Then suggestions on your code can be given and you can have a better example of your work for the portfolio.

I understand, and believe me I have thought about it. I want my code to be the best it can be, too. However, I think there's something to be said for learning and implementing EVERYTHING on your own, like I did. Ultimately, the risk of having my code stolen outweighs the possible benefit of code critique. I think.

Either way, I'd be more than happy to post pieces of the code (certain classes, functions, etc.), but I'm leery of posting everything for anyone to just download and modify however they want. Am I being reasonable here?
Oh, and thanks for the crash report, Weston. I fixed that and updated the file. You're also in the credits now. Famous!
Woohoo famous. Haha
Thank you to those who have given feedback so far. Does anyone have any suggestions for other places to post this where I could get feedback? The Beginner's board seems to be pretty fast with all the recent homework help... I don't want to get bump-greedy.
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