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I just started learning how to program earlier this semester. We started with Karel (easy I know :D ) and now we moved on to C++. I decided to try and make a small text program for my girlfriend just for fun. Basically I want it to ask her what her favorite animal is and have her type the word "bunny" and then have it display a picture message for her. I figured out how to prompt the question and display the message but I cant figure out how to make the program only accept the word bunny and have the program tell her to try again if she types in anything else. I know its a stupid program but any help would be appreciated!

Here is my program thus far:
as of right now it accepts any input :/

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

void main ()
string bunny;

cout << "What is your favorite animal?" << endl;
cin >> bunny;
cout << "yay!" << endl;
cout << "(\\_/)" << endl << "(='.')" << endl << "o(\")(\")" << endl;
cout << "I Love You Bunny! <3" << endl;

I apologize if this problem has been answered before but all the solutions I find that kind of answer my question are pretty unclear to me :(
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Just put getchar() after your code and that will work for you..
I followed your advice and added getchar () after my code but the compiler I'm using just tells me Found a regular identifier; a type name must appear here. Am I doing something wrong?
Remove \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ from the top and bottom of your code. If you do that, it compiles for me

What is your favorite animal?
I Love You Bunny! <3
void main ()

should be

int main ()

I am surprised your compiler accepted that.
Something like this:
    string animal;

    cout << "What is your favorite animal?" << endl;
    cin >> animal;
    while (animal != "bunny" && animal != "BUNNY" && animal != "Bunny")
        cout << "That's a nice animal\nPlease enter another favourite animal:" << endl;
        cin >> animal;
    cout << "that was a bunny";

See also:
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