General C++ Programming

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Sometimes when I look through my book, that I use to help me, I get a bit annoyed that some things that I want to learn are not there. Inevitably, i start writing my own programs and experimenting we things that I have not really read about it. It it alright to experiment like this? Will this prevent me from learning some of the basics? (I am not skipping over the topics, but I do get a little ahead of my self.)
Yes it's alright to experiment. In fact it's the only way to learn properly.

But you do need to back this up by proceeding methodically through the basics, step-by step. It's important to go very slowly so that the fine details are understood, instead of just a broad outline.

In other words - do both. One approach needn't exclude the other. You should find that some ideas you may have borrowed from more advanced topics but didn't fully understand at the time are later explained by the more methodical approach.

In fact all beginners courses take this form, since "cout" is introduced almost immediately, but the mechanisms behind it could be considered quite an advanced topic.

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Thank you.
Is it alright to experiment like this?

No, not at all. Creativity and self thinking is definitely not going to get you anywhere in this world.

But seriously, yes. Experiment a lot. Experiment to the point that you break the living crap out of programs. That's the best way to learn IMO
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I agree with Chervil. By experimenting, you're able to determine the best way to accomplish something, you're able to understand the limitations of a concept or two and and you're able to find new ways to do something.

Hazuque35 wrote:
"Will this prevent me from learning some of the basics?"

Quite the opposite.

its all ive been doing recently, i might relearn buckies tutorials, but theres always a beginner problem no tutorial explains
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