Multiplication/Division problem with big numbers

Hey folks,
Recently I wrote a program to the athematic operations with large numbers traditionally known as bigint.

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any suggestions folks?
I'm no expert, but I think there's probably a problem with checking the relational operators "!=" and ">=" for the Bigint class.
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I agree with fg109. It seems like the repeated addition/subtraction methods should work.
EDIT: I would expect that your method for the big value case would never return a result. With num2 = 8528587375585 that's about 85 trillion iterations!

I also agree that a different algorithm for * and / would be useful.

The + operation as you have it works by implementing the same method one would use to make the calculation by hand, which you already know because you intentionally wrote the + function to do that.

You can write functions which implement the by hand methods for multiplying or dividing two numbers also.
I found writing the function to do long division a bit tricky but I got it working.
Since the operands are integers you might want to implement both / (quotient) and % (remainder) operators, just like "real" integers. Both of these results are found by the long division function. Write the operators to perform the division then return either the quotient or the remainder.
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Well I heard shifting will solve the problem with very big second operand in multiplication and in division with big results.
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