How do you make your own header files? Help please!

I'm not talking about just a text file with code, I mean
a header file containing functions C++ or any other header library has.
:) Hope you can help. Thanks.

A header file is just a text file with code. If you want to put function in it, just put functions in it.
I think the question may be not really about the header file, rather it is about the library file which contains the compiled code of the functions.
I see. In which case, that's also easily answered. Write the functions, compile them (whilst telling your compiler that you want a library rather than an executable) and bingo - you've got a library. Link to it as usual.
I don't think you get where I'm coming from. I want to create my own functions.
And he told you how to do so. Create a header file, write your functions and then include the header wherever you need to call said functions.
int Func(int param)
return param;

#include "Header.h"
int main()
return Func(0);

EDIT: Although a header should only contain function declarations. You should stick the definitions in a separate cpp file.
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I want to create my own functions.

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