C++ and UNIX Linux Library

Is there any place where I can download source codes to read others code.

Is there anyone who dont mind contributing your projects / assignment, so I can learn from reading your codes

Much appreciated
well what kind of code r u looking for? and yes, source forge, planet source code etc. just google it

C++ codes

( Usage of Polymorphism , Friend Function, Pointer, Virtual Function )

As long as the scripter writes in a neat way. I think it would be beneficial for the community.

We learn by looking at how people write and practicing coding

Unix -

Bash Programming ,

grep and permission rights.

2d vectors

Anything, if you guys got anything to share.
It's best to learn OOB from a good book.

I recommend http://www.amazon.com/Object-Oriented-Programming-2nd-Richard-Johnsonbaugh/dp/0130158852/ref=la_B001IO9K7Q_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1352130732&sr=1-5

You can get it used for 12 bucks on Amazon and it's the most straight forward, no nonsense OOP for C++ available. It will show you countless examples of Polymorphism, Friend functions, Name hiding, Name overriding, introduction to STL, etc.

The rest can be googled or found in the reference section of this site.

It's best to learn OOB from a good book.

I'd be wary of books that are based on university courses. I've yet to see one that gets OOP right.
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Thanks for all your input,

I tried planet source, its pretty crap. Codes do not run with lots of debugging issues. Therefore if there is anyone of you with decent c++ (running codes) please share.

UNIX Bash Programming will help as well. I'm facing some difficulties here, its always good to have guidance from 1 source(person).

I do have some books, but well its just touching on the surface.

However I want to see how do they write codes, for instance :

When is it applicable to use functions like push_back , stringstream.

Is there anyone who can contribute their codes ?

Perhaps a neatly written code will benefit begiinners like me
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