Project - Library with SQLite database


First of all, I have to say that i'm pretty new with c++ and programming in general, so please go easy on me :)

I have 2 questions and i hope someone could help me:

As the name of the topic says, i'm involved in a project - we are trying to create a program for a library (with books and stuff :P )

Two of us have a task to make the database work and we're using sqlite.

question 1: we intend to create couple of classes (user, book, loan, search, database) - the idea is to create 3 tables, book, user and loan. when we want to create a loan, i presume that we need to "link" the "book" and "user" tables and that way create the 3rd one, loan. how do we do that, the linking itself?

question 2: when we make a loan, we need to have a date. how do we "get" the date from the system?

3rd, bonus question (off-topic) :)
i'm using a mac and when working with sqlite, what is the mac alternative for .dll files?

Thanks in advance to those who do/try/intend to help me :) :) :)
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