Can anyone help me figure out the my C++ homework

Hello, I am a new member in this forum. But , I need somebody help me do my C++ homework. It is due on Monday, tomorrow.
I am not sure what my professor talks about. Can everyone help me ? Please see below. Thank you those people who help me, I appreciate them .

Modify main() to generate ten values of d randomly in a for loop. d should be between 0 and 49.

* TestSrch.cpp
* Created on: Nov 7, 2012
* Author: Sam

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int linearSearch(int , int );
void testSrch(int, int );
int a[14]={3,7,4,2,11,43,79,15,20,7,11,13,4,40};// global array a
int main(){
int d = 13,aLength = 14;
return 0;
void testSrch(int d, int aLength){
int srchResult;
if (srchResult<aLength)
{ cout<<"Value "<<d;
cout<<"\nIs at array element "<<srchResult<<endl<<endl;
cout<<"there is no match for search argument:"<<d<<endl;
int linearSearch(int v, int len){
//precondition: array a is a global array of length len, that has already been filled.
//v is the search argument.
//postcondition: returns the position of the first occurrence of search arg.v
//in array a. if no match, returns n.
int aSub=0;
for(;aSub<len ;aSub++){

if(a[aSub] == v){
return aSub;
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