Help with loops

I am having trouble trying to get a loop to display every combination of hours, minutes, and seconds there are in a day. I can get it to count the first 60 seconds but after that it just exits. It needs to be in HH:MM:SS format like 23:59:59. But I'm not really sure where to start. Please help this poor noob.
show what you done so far and so that we can help
int main()
int hour = 0, minute = 00, second =00;
bool done, hdone, mdone, sdone;

//loop to get all combos
done = (hour == 24) && ( minute== 00) && (second == 00);

sdone= (second == 60);
while (!(sdone))
if (second<=59)
second = second++;
second == 00;
minute = minute ++;
cout << minute << ":" << second << endl;
return (0);
But when I try to nest my loops it starts to act a little wonky and only does the second loop and even if I tell it to display everything I will only display the seconds when I test the code.
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