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I am new to I am student. I am learning C++ Visual Studio 2010. I have schoold assignment to have a program of inhertance. Can you please help to give me good working code for following assignment?

Here is assigment

code for concept lass of inheritance to model two different kinds of bank accounts that be created, or derived, from a generic, base type bank account. you will first creat a base-account class. Then you will create a saving-account class and check-account class that are both devrived from the base bank-account class. Then, you will add specific class members to both of derived classes to make them seperate types of accounts.

I am kind of lost and i dont know where to start.

Thank you

int main()

return 0;

Still one of my favorites. Lol

What you have to consider is the things that are the same about each account type. For example, each account has a balance. Once you factor out all the common denominators, you can begin to design a base class.
Thank Progrady.

I am still up in the air trying to understand your explaination.

Here is what I think of the diagram.

1. Mr. A account, total balance $1000
2. Mr A checking acount, balance $400
3. Mr A saving account, balance $600

I am so dump dont know where to start.

Please tell me what header(. h) look like and as well as .ccp and Mian.ccp

Thank you for your help.
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