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I already start university and learning C++ programming code. however it is difficult for me to understand the code and what those mean. I watch many programming code on YouTube and read all the book that link to C++ but i have problem understanding those video because I am deaf so some time I need a screenshot of those code and layout out what each part mean.
so I am wondering if there any simple video(with subtitle, if possible)or screenshot(to show which each part does) with that i can use to enable me to learn more and better than watching the video or forum with hard language for me to understand.
(sorry for my english as my BSL is my first language)
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I would not recommend a video. Instead, you should read this tutorial:

After you understand the language well enough, bookmark these C++ references:

The references help you use the language's library.
(A library consists of ready-to-use components.)

Then, if you bump into problems, post your questions here in the forum.
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