Hi everyone

i am new in programming, i just want to know, if it is possible, that someone, will be an expert in c++ programming and also an expert in php programming, i know both programming is different, but i just want to know, because the instagram guy, started using c++, and end up using php and html 5, Thanks
Of course it's possible. There's no reason why you'd only be able to learn one of them.
Ok, thanks, can you help me to elaborate or what are the uses of c++ in the industry? if i will be able to be an expert on this one what kind of projects i can make? are c++ programmers still in demand until now?
just look at some job offers for programmers and you have all the info you need
Ok thanks
It could take years to even get the grips of C++ depending on how determined you are I'm pretty sure at minimum at least 6 months.
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It takes time and effort to become proficient in C++ and almost any programming language. It doesn't happen over night otherwise everyone would be able to do it ;p.

Now for your first questions. Yes you can be a proficient programmer in both C++ and PHP. In fact a lot of programmers can code in a number of languages. But if you are still a beginner I would personally recommend that you pick one programming language and stick with it until you have a good grasp of it. Because trying to learn two different languages and syntax at the same time can be really hard to do and will slow your learning time down a lot.

If you do decide to stick with programming just remember it wont be easy, and it will take you a long time to get the hang of it. But when you do it is worth every second you spent learning it.
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