Removing certain values of an array

First of all let me say hello as this is my first post.

Now here is my problem, i just started programming in school, i have like 2 weeks since i started working in C++ and here is my question.

I have an integer:
printf("\nA = ");
scanf("%d", &a);

Which will be decomposed into characters and stored into an array

for(i = 9 ; i >= 0 ; i--)
array[i] = a%10;
a = a / 10;
printf("\nThe array's elements are {");
for(i=0; i<10; i++)
printf("%2d,", array[i]);

Now my question, if i insert any number smaller that a 9 digits integer the array will be displayed as {0, 0 ... 0, n, n .. n}

I tried to figure out how to remove the "0" from the array without messing the other digits so when i call for an echo i would get {n, n .. n}
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Hello there.

You can't "remove" elements to make them appear like they do not exists.
What you could do is searching the array starting from the beginning for a value that is different from 0. That will be the element that needs to be moved (actually you will copy it) in the first position (array[0]). From that number onwards, until the end of the array, you need to move back all the numbers to the beginning of the array, and then printf() them using a loop that executes a number of times equal to the number of significant digits of the array
Thank you for the answer, the solution seems a bit hard for me at this time, i just used

printf("%010d", a)

So now my number is 00..0nn..n (000029312) :D it`s the best solution i could come up with.
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