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What is the best compiler for C++.

currently using TC 3.0/4.5 ..
But the graphics are pathetic ..

Which one do you use ?
I use GCC 4.7.1.
> But the graphics are pathetic ..
I use GCC 4.7.2.
But the graphics are pathetic ..

Graphics have very little to do with your compiler and everything to do with your OS and your chosen graphics libraries.

That said, you're using a twenty year old compiler that speaks a kind of mutant pre-standarisation C++ that modern compilers will rightly refuse to even look at. Why not get yourself a modern, correct C++ compiler for free?

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I use GCC 4.7.1. along with KDevelop or QtCreator (IDE Integrated Development Environment) on Fedora Linux. These are all free. Ubuntu is another popular Linux OS.

QtCreator has the ability to do GUI (Graphic User Interface) programs.

Good luck !!!
> But the graphics are pathetic ..

I think he's using the Borland's Turbo C++ IDE for DOS.
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Yes ,he is .

(Yes, I am using borland crap compiler)

Im a noob.
And proud to be .

Imma check out wtf is that GCC thingy ..

Also I never got MS visual studio to work...The interface seemed pretty decent I wrote a program but how to freaking run it ?( I built it, made a project , tryed to run ...when all else failed I googled but didnt find anything ..)

any idea anyone ?
Which one do you use ?

I use IBM XL C/C++ and Sun Studio, but they aren't free.

Of the free compilers, I have the current versions of GCC, Clang++, Intel C/C++, and Visual Studio for various non-commercial hobby activities such as posting to forums.

And yes, as everyone else said, Turbo C++ cannot even be called a C++ compiler.

MS visual studio [...] I wrote a program but how to freaking run it ?

Press Ctrl-F5
I use MinGW with GCC 4.6.2
GCC is probably the most popular one, followed by MSVC (microsoft's Visual C++) for win only. MinGW is a port of GCC for windows
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