I'm so new.

Alright guys I want to get into prgramming, but i've never done anything even close to it, and i don't know what program to use. Tried downloading from the official microsoft website but it didnt work properly. Any help is appreciated. Thank You.

If you could uide me in swedish that would be appreciated but not neccesary.
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In my college we use a program called bloodshed and its free heres a link.

I would reccomend using this IDE called Code::Blocks Its Free, Updated frequently and over all a very good IDE!

If your after tutorials you can use Thenewboston's C++ tutorials or you can get the book Programming - Priniciples And Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup The INVENTOR of C++ The book can be downloaded online and is aimed at beginners from what ive read so far.

For any more information or help contact me on here.

Edit: Dont listen to forsakensun.
DevC++ Is good as it was my 1st IDE And for basic programs in the console its OK but its outdated and there are more up to date IDE's.
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