Finalizing a program

Hypothetical situation;
So say I've got my program all written and ready to go. Say it's something simple like it asks the user to input a number and it multiplies that number by ten and outputs it, all using the console. Easy enough, right?
So now what do I do? I've tried putting the files on a thumb drive, but it doesn't work on my other computer or the computers at work. How do I package the program up so it can be used?
I'm using microsoft visual C++, am writing it on a windows 7 operating system, the other computer is an XP. Is it an issue with reverse compatibility? It also won't run on other windows 7 computers without going through visual C++.
What is "doesn't work" and "doesn't run" supposed to mean?
If it complains about missing DLL files, then either link those libraries statically or package them with your application.
So at this point I've tried to set my solution configurations to build the project as a release version, and I've set properties to release as an application (it starts throwing errors when I try to link to .dll or try to make it static). messing with that has gotten me nowhere. Do you know a good website that has a walk-through on how to finalize with visual C++? I wasn't able to find anything in the windows tutorials, but I might have been looking in the wrong place. (just something that explains what to set the program's compiler properties to and what files to copy or move would probably help)

Before I started tweaking things my properties were all set at whatever microsoft left as their defaults and it was throwing a complaint about a missing dll and when I searched my computer files I wasn't able to find it. Now I'm just plain lost.

To just have this known, I am a noob and have never successfully finalized a program before, so anything will help.
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