multiple inputs


I'm pretty good with Java but I'm taking a c++ course to learn it and I am hating it. anyways this is my question:

I am trying to have the user input 2 integers (positive or negative) on the same line seperated by a space.

The program should look like this:

Enter the first rational number as numerator (space) denominator: -12 5

how do I go about this? can someone point me in the right direction?
can someone point me in the right direction?
The user can always enter variables on the same line or on different lines with cin.

   int x, y;
   cout << "Enter in 2 numbers" << endl;

   cin >> x;
   cin >> y;

The user can either separate the values by a space or by a carriage return and it will put them into x and y correctly. (You could combine those cin statements into 1 if you wanted to as well).
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