Best book to learn C++?

I am looking for a good C++ programming book to teach me the basics as well as point me in the right direction to more advanced coding. So far I have looked at a book called C++ Primer. There is many editions of this book, but the one I found at chapter was the 6th edition plus. Whats the difference between the 5th edition?
Programming: Principles And Practice Using C++
Currently reading this, Its made by Bjarne Stroustrup (I Think That's How You Spell)
He's the inventor of C++ :P

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I personally prefer "Jumping into C++" By Alex Allain. Its a very good ebook that I am using at the moment to learn C++. I also use youtube videos and C++ for dummies on the side for additional help.
I bought c++ primer plus 6th edition im very satisfied. You should watch some youtube and other stuff before reading.
Here's My Reccomendations:

C++ Primer 5th & 6th Edition
Programming Principles And Practice Using C++

These books I would recommend to a newbie like myself! And there available online in pdf format!!
So what if your tired of reading books?
Well this forum has a excelent tutorial section also check this out when you get better at C++
Also TheNewBoston on YouTube has really good tutorials

For me info add me on skype taylor.stevens90
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The pdf versions are illegal and I think it shows little respect to the creator of c++, and the person that wrote C++ primer. The real version is also better to read through because it is easier to find something you forgot in the earlier chapters.
"How To Program" by Deitel and Deitel
Alright thanks guys, I think i'll be buying the C++ Primer 6th edition. Its a lengthy 1k pages, so i'm pretty sure it will keep me occupied for quite some time.
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