Threading in C++

I want to execeute more than 2 function in C++ at same time , how could i do this process . I think it has been done by threading , But i want to know about threading .

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C++ does not have a built-in facility for threading, although there are a number of C++ libraries that support threading.

Well, technically, C++ does (now) have threading. Or rather the C++ standard library. But only from C++11.

( doesn't have an entry for this yet...)

So if you're compiler is C++11 compliant, then go for that.

If yours isn't, then boost::thread can be used instead. This is more or less the new, standard one, except in a different namespace (there are differences, but these shouldn't matter for basic usage). So what you learn about boost::thread will mostly apply to std::thread, when compilers catch up with the standard.

The alternative is to use system specific threading or a thread library as AbstractionAnon sugggested.

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