-life after bucky- As i am teaching myself, how could i know what the next thing to learn is to help me learn the next...

I need to know what to learn next so i can go onto the next thing and so on.

Being taught by someone who knows how you should progress through your subject is the best way to learn, but all that stops at secondary school, universities give you all the guidance you need and you will attend lessons in order and with structure, but me im teaching myself with no specific goal, so i wondered if you could advise on the next things to tackle and in order, or maybe give me some projects and maybe a really challenging one too.

i know the next thing i should tackle is lists and templates so i can build a linked list with the template, but i would like someone to advise on some direction to take, any original project ideas?

I would like to be able to understand socket programming, i have QT but i would rather use boost, this is cos i might wind up being spoonfed if its too high level, i would like to program and know what im doing, at the moment some libraries are taking an element away i cant articulate why i think that.

i wish bucky did a million videos
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