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can i use c++ for robotics?
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C++ can definitely be used for robotics
thanks but do u have to use notepadalso i got the drawing made up for the robotic that i want to dezine
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If you want to get in to building robots (I have no experience myself) I suggest you get a book first. This one looks good:


(This is assuming you are American, apparently this book sort of assumes you are from there, since it lists American suppliers. It may also use American units and stuff, but there will be loads of other books if its a problem)

Or, you can dive into the deep end and try building some that have already been designed by other people. This is one I've always wanted to try:


I personally wouldn't want to try building my own robot from scratch with no experience!

Have fun!
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k keep the ideas flowing here got a few books already but none of them really helpful and i'm use to step by step instructions or even visual and hands on are the best for me
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This website also looks good:


They have a wide range of projects ranging from extremely cheap and simple to really quite complex looking ones- all of which seem to have step-by-step instruction as to what parts you need and how to assemble and program the robot.

Explore the website, see if there's anything you want to try!
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