Need help catching up on homework

I need help!!!

Is there anyone available to work intensely with me over the next 7 days one on one through e-mail or in the forum to get caught up on several homework assignments and help me understand what I'm doing and why I need to make the changes I make to make the programs work.

It is nearing the end of the semester and I need to get my homework caught up to turn it in and get a passing grade. I have put it off in the hopes that further study would help me to understand and that things would click. This has not been the case, and now I find myself in the postion that I just need to get this done and need someone to figuratively stand over my shoulder and say do this and this is why.

Please don't be upset for me asking this. I'm admittedly throwing myself on the mercy of this forum.

If anyone is willing to do this, let me know how to get in touch with you and I will be happy to start corresponding and present you with my assignments.


Bryan Hendricks
You'll probably be better off just posting the questions and your attempts at solutions as you need help with them.
you will et a reply from one in a dozen odd people, you will get help but you neglect work you pay the price for some reason education doesnt care about quality, all they want these days is quantity so the slackers drop out and the those who are more productive end up in higher positions...i actually think this is bad for advancment

got sidtracked just keep posting up for help people will help
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I will second freddy92's reply.

If you post a problem in a thread, show some kind of start on the work, provide a good clear problem description, and ask specific questions, then your threads will receive attention.

If a thread is ignored even though you are actively participating, you can bump your thread. A thread can pass through the 1st page of the Beginners forum (particularly) in an hour sometimes!

When you bump, try to add something other than just "bump".
If you make progress toward the solution update your thread to reflect that.

Show a willingness to look things up yourself. Google is a very good friend.

Be sure to read peoples responses carefully and answer all questions asked. When others see you doing this it encourages participation.

EDIT: I know that my decision to ignore a thread is often triggered when I see the original poster (OP) ignoring replies.
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see lots of people ready to help when you give us something
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