String Loop

I have to write a loop that reads in a collection of words and makes a sentence out of them by appending each new word to the string being formed. There are also a few exit condition which are no more than 10 words, 25 letters and a word that ends in a period. We are also supposed to weed out repeat words. I can't figure out how to get the words to attach to each other after they are inputted. Nor can I figure out how to get repeat words to be ignored. Also, after every input the string has to be displayed; For example if "this", "is" and "one." are entered the outputs would be "this", then "this is" and finally "this is one." Please Help!

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

// Constant declarations
const int WORD_COUNT = 10;
const int LETTER_COUNT = 25;

void main()
// Variable declarations
string word, sentence; char termination; int wordCount, letterCount, length;

while (true)
// program body
sentence = ' '; wordCount = 0; letterCount = 0;
cout << "Enter a word: ";
cin >> word;
length = word.length(); termination =;
wordCount++; letterCount += length;
sentence = ' ' + word + ' ';
cout << sentence << endl;
cout << "Enter a word: ";
cin >> word;

}while (termination != '.' && wordCount < WORD_COUNT && letterCount < LETTER_COUNT);
to append words to a string just loop:

cin >> word;
sentence += word;
Thank you. that helps. Do you happen to know how I can test for repeat words and ignore them?
Okay so I have gotten to the point where I can make the words append and everything else but the exit parameter for the '.' doesn't worka and I am unsure to make that happen. Any suggestions?
You're not changing the value of termination anywhere in your while loop body, so termination will never equal '.'. If you want to use that as a while condition, you need to do something in the body to make sure that that condition will be met at some point.

Perhaps you mean to check to see if word == '.' instead?
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