Crash/Loss of Resources

Ok, so I was programming, and then my compiler suddenly crashed.
It was working fine before, but now, when I compile it, it no longer works.
Here is my CL:

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "C:\Users\user\Desktop\ACSL\Individual\Contest 1\Junior\"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "C:\Users\user\Desktop\ACSL\Individual\Contest 1\Junior\" all
windres.exe -i Timesheet-JuniorDivision_private.rc --input-format=rc -o Timesheet-JuniorDivision_private.res -O coff 

windres.exe: no resources

make.exe: *** [Timesheet-JuniorDivision_private.res] Error 1

Execution terminated

These show up under the 'Compiler' tab:

[Resource error] no resources 

C:\Users\user\Desktop\ACSL\Individual\Contest 1\Junior\ [Build Error]  [Timesheet-JuniorDivision_private.res] Error 1

So, if you have a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: The application (.exe) works fine, but when I F9, these problems are presented.
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I'm assuming you're using MSVC++, which I could be wrong, but the best solution is to restart your computer, copy all of your files, resources included into a new project and try again. MSVC++ is known for corrupting it's project files. If you're using a different IDE, it's possible a resource file is missing/corrupt/deleted. You may have to find your .res file as well and see what it contains...this could possibly mean rewriting it. Just look around.

The reason the .exe works is because it's already compiled into a binary. This means that regardless of what happens to the rest of your project, minus DLL's, it will always work. In order to compile again, try the above and post back.
I'm using DEV-C++, but yes, I will try what you have suggested.
Ah, I've already used this solution before, and it works. But the problem is, it does take several extra minutes, and I was wondering if there could be an easier solution?
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Switch IDE's. It's an issue with the IDE itself. Are you using Orwell's, Bloodshed, wx, or some other version of it? I highly suggest switching to Code::Blocks in all of the above cases.
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