conversion's error!!

I don't know why when I put int* p=15; cout<< p;
it gives me : invalid conversion int to int*
but when I put: char* p="azqs"; cout<< p; the result will be azqs; why, in this case, it doesn't give me invalid conversion from char to char* ????
"azqs" is a static array of five const char (the four letters and a null), stored in your program's read-only data segment. It has an address, which you can store in a pointer to char.

15 is a value, a universal constant. It has no address. The line "int* p = 15;" is actually trying to reinterpret the value 15 as a pointer, which could make sense if there happens to be an int with an address of exactly 15 bytes from the start of address space.. but that's unlikely.
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Ah OK; thank you so so much; I inderstand from you that "azqs" is a static array so it is a pointer ; for this reason; I don't get error of conversion
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