hi everybody,
i wanna start c++ GUI based. Please send me any e-book or any other site to learn c++ GUI based.
have a look at Qt
what is Qt?? Darkmaster
Qt is a library/framework for making GUIs. The C++ standard library doesn't contain any GUI features so you will have to use a third party library for that.
what is Qt?? Darkmaster

search Qt in google. it's the first entry. the other entries on the 1st site give you some more info about it.

was difficult to find, right?
I want to use visual studio 2010, Is visual studio can't be used for GUI programming in C++
Of course it can. Did you try researching it???
why do you think it is called Visual Studio
i've not find any proper site where i can start gui,
Darkmaster: I want to learn gui in c++ in visual studio
i did not understant QT.
What you don't understand is how GUI works.

C++ has no understanding of a monitor. C++ does not know what a pixel is. C++ does not understand mouse or keyboard. All these things are something your operating system handles for you.

All you can do is ask your operating system to do things for you. You ask the operating system to put pictures on the screen. You ask the operating system to tell you what the mouse is doing. You ask the operating system all these things.

Each operating system provides a set of functions you can use to ask it to do things. These are known as the Operating System's API. For example, the Win32 API.

You have a choice. Either you learn to use the API, which is powerful but low-level, or you find another piece of software which is simpler for you to use, and that piece of software asks the operating system to do things for you. These are known as widget toolkits. QT is one of these.

You can do GUI programming in C++ with any C++ compiler. You don't need visual studio. You don't need anything more than a text editor and a C++ compiler.

If you decide you want to learn the Win32 API, start here:

If you decide you want to learn a widget toolkit, pick one and start at their website.
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i can only recommend Qt.

to get started you can use the designer and simply drag and drop everything you need, e.g. buttons, labels, text windows,...

also there are already a lot of predefined slots (something like functions) so you just call them with some parameters and your first GUI is done in a few minutes.
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I would also recommend you get the hang of the basics of C++ before jumping into graphical API's. From what you have posted so far it seems like you have just started to learn C++, so it would be best probably to run through the tutorial on this site and get some experience with C++ before jumping into the advanced stuff.

I would recommend starting out with visual c++ express edition (free) because it's intuitive, professional and offers the best tools for creating c++ GUIs. Visual C++ can also be used to develop command line projects, so that option is still available.

After a few months of using this you may want to consider getting the paid version, which would cost you a few hundred depending on where you get it from, but if you've had success with the express edition then you should consider moving on to this.

Also, just to give you a good idea about what you might get on to, here is an example of one of my own GUI applications:

This was an open and collaborative development project, which is why it could be made to a high standard in a small space of time, but I think this could give you ideas about what you could develop in the future. All the best.
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