C++ Assignments

Hi guys I'm new to C++, just started snooping around it.

Is there any website where I can find C++ assignments to work on and solve in order to start learning?

I get bored of simple calculators etc...

Thank you for reading!
Google is your friend.
Also try to write your problem in the google tab and add ''pdf'' at the ending.
You'll get free pdf to download wich will contain what you looking for.
Thank you, without the PDF I got nothing! All I found was "assignment help" as topic posts by people searching help online.

I found 2 books, this solved it.
welcome.please saw in your first txt you said you where tired of simple calculator.
Do you know how to do an effective input validation loop on a calculator to avoid it going infinite when you insert a word instead of a number?
I did not do C++ calculator, but the idea is boring (done it in php, java now I'm bored with it) but I will do it eventually.

If I ever get the problem, I will let you know.
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