hw help please

can someone please help me understand why i keep getting an error for
double array[length]; is says that lenght it says expression must have a constant value... thank you for your help

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;

double find_max(double arr[], int length);
double find_min(double arr[], int length);
double find_average(double arr[], int length);
double find_length(double arr[], int length);

int main()
int i;
int length;
cout<<"How many values do you want to enter? \n";
double array[length];

for (i=0;i<length;i++)
cout<<"Enter number "<<i+1<<endl;
cout << find_max(array,length) << endl;
cout << find_min(array,length) << endl;
cout <<setprecision(4)<<fixed;
cout << find_average(array,length) << endl;
cout << find_length(array,length) << endl;

// system("pause");
return 0;

//Find Max:
double find_max(double arr[], int length)
double max=999999;
int j;
for (j = 0; j < length; j++)
if (arr[j] > max)
max = arr[j];
return max;

//Find Min
double find_min(double arr[], int length)
double min=999999;
int k;
for (k = 0; k < length; k++)
if (arr[k] < max)
min = arr[k];
return min;

//Find Average
double find_average(double arr[], int length)
int l;
double sum = 0;
double avg;
for (l = 0;l < length; l++)
sum+= arr[l];
avg = sum/length;
return avg;

double find_length(double arr[], int length)
int m;
double sumsq=0;
double elength;
for (m=0;m<length;m++)
elength = sqrt(sumsq);
return elength;
The error message is clear enough. The size of an array shall be a constant expression which value must be known at compilation time.
Either that or it should be declared with no size at all:
double array[];
Either that or it should be declared with no size at all:
double array[];

This will create an error as the compiler will not be able to determine how much memory to allocate. You must declare a constant value for the size of the ray in the declaration statement.

NOTE: The elements field within brackets [] which represents the number of elements the array is going to hold, must be a constant value, since arrays are blocks of non-dynamic memory whose size must be determined before execution. In order to create arrays with a variable length dynamic memory is needed, which is explained later in these tutorials.
That´s right, i´m sorry...
I got confused with something I saw yesterday on Youtube. It was something like this:

int array [3] = { 12, 24, 36};

// is the same as...

int array[] = { 12, 24, 36 };

But, of course, in this case I´m inizializing the array, and it obviously has three cells.
im suppose to be using a dynamic array for this program and im not sure how to set it up as a dynamic array
int myArray[5]; // Static Array with a size of 5
int *myArray = new int[myVar]; // Dynamically created array with size of myVar 

Note: The array cannot grow or shrink once created, you must allocate new memory for that (essentially do the same as above, then copy elements over).
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