Which graphics library?

I have 2 years learning C++ and I have just scratched any of the graphics apis, only by their names.

I was thinking of starting and using the knowledge for creating games, even though there is no profit for me to create games for money. I just want to create games and that is all, but don't know exactly what to learn.

Is learning DirectX or OpenGL a good point and passing the 2D game programming directly? I have some experience with 2D libraries, but not much to say the truth, just little games.

When it comes to OpenGL vs DirectX which one to choose?

I really want to create 3D games and I think that there won't be any need in learning 2D, even though experience is optional and better. Please suggest me anything and I still consider myself a newbie in C++.

What concepts of C++ are a MUST for a game developer?

Also, this is a question i am making 6 months before I actually embark on graphics adventures, so I will not start without feeling good enough with C++. I am asking before hand.
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If you wanna program a 3D game, then do that. There are libraries out there for it, or you could program directly in DirectX or OpenGL. Both of which have great documentation and widely used in the industry.
What are the concepts needed to start programming in 3D?
I think 2D is a good thing to learn first. Mario teaches you about scrolling and where the camera is. Asteroids teaches you about collision detection and will give you the linear algebra that you need for things like rotational matrices.

It's always good to start basic. If you would rather jump into the 3D stuff right away, then of course go for it.
ok, which path to choose?
OpenGL or DirectX?
DirectX is microsoft only, so if you make the switch to linux, your program isn't comming with you.

I've heard that DirectX is a little easier to learn though and has better documentation.
If I choose directX, than the difference will be very little with openGL or I will notice a big difference, only in programming i mean, not in math or physics.
I've played with both and do have to say the documentation in DirectX is a little better, but that's just because it's awesome. OpenGL has just fine documentation.

They're different APIs, of course using one will be different than the other. They act similar in the sense that they both work with the GPU though.
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