Best way to advance c++ knowledge?

This is basically the run of the mill "what books do you recommend for programming?" But with a twist: Im gonna be moving out soon, and I'll need to save money so chances are really good I won't have internet. D: So I won't be having outside help (I guess I can run to the library if I really need to post something but I can't see myself doing that very often).

So whatever I have in terms of books is what I'm stuck with. Since I'm still kinda a noob so whatever I grab off the shelf has to be somewhat light but have enough info that I can use it and not be quickly done with it. I already plan to copy/paste all the tutorials from this website and store on my harddrive.

I did purchase Bjarne's book THe C++ programming language, I hear its dense, I'm OK with that so long as its not you hit a hard sections and youre on the same chapter for a couple of months. I'd say the hardest thing I've done so far is linked lists and queues. I want to move onto abstraction, various kinds of inheritance and eventually templates.

Eventually I do want to tackle application programming of some kind. Either tradition applications or smartphone type apps. What is a good widget/platform to get started with? I wanted to try Qt but since Nokia spun them off awhile ago I'm afraid its gonna be a dead platform soon. Is android friendly to C/C++ developers?
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If you'll be Internet-less then you'll wanna find a good source of documentation at the least. If you have to choose between docs and tutorial, go with docs. It'll have literally every piece of info you'll need. You can go to the library and read tutorial style books whenever you need.
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