copy and paste step by step

hello everyone. could you help write me a program please.. I know next to nothing about C++
I want a program which can copy step by step then paste step by step too using first in first out method.
everyday I meet such a boring and hard thing. I have to key in my data from excel into my Inventory system.
so if I have this program, It would help me alot. I can just sit and paste the data into my system.

example: first copy is 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5. when first paste is 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5.

Thank you in advance.

and please combine key num pad 0 with ctrl + V and tab. It means that I just click num pad 0. the data will be pasted automatically and then tab to an other column.

Please.. help
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If you're looking for something to help you, I'd suggest using a macro program. It designed around repetitive use and consistent results. If you want something that's customizable, I'd suggest looking into a language based around building macros. I've used AHK before to write macros for games. It's fully customizable and can hotkey buttons, like CTRL + V, to any button, also known as remapping hotkeys. You'll also be able to tell it to read information from files, copy/paste from clipboard, etc. It's fully functional, and as I said already, you can custom tailor it to your exact needs. The best part, you don't need to know much programming to get something up and working quickly.
honestly, I just need a program that could help me. and whatever they use, macro or C++, I don't mind if they can help me. I know really nothing about program because it is not my kind of thing.
and what is a marcro program? please give me more detail.

Infact combine key or not is not a big problem. the problem is the program it self.
I have downloaded a few copy/paste to clipboard but they don't work well. they can copy step by step but when paste, not step by step. as the method first in first out.

Thank you in advance. and sorry if i make any mistake.
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I agree, a macro program is what you want.

One could be written if a sample of the spreadsheet data and inventory system was available. To write this, the best way would be to convert the spreadsheet into txt format, read the text file, and then find a way to use that with the inventory interface.

That would take a while and probably cost you a few $.

The better way is to google Macro recorder, and you will have About 2,720,000 results, the problem is not all will be designed to work best with your project, you'll just have to trial and error until you find one that works. A good one will still cost you some money but if it saves you a hour each day it's a great investment.

If you don't know how to do that, talk to your IT department, maybe they can recommend one or you can find someone to help you set it up.
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I have download a Macro Recorder. But how to make it work?
my data not always the same. I just want a program which can copy and paste step by step. like this : copy number 1 then 2 then 3. and when paste, paste number 1 then 2 then 3. step by step like this.
more advice please,.
That's why I suggested learning AHK. It's rather easy to learn, most of the functions just make sense, and you can custom tailor it to your exact needs. As SamuelAdams said, no one is likely to just build you something (and something like that isn't a few hour build, it's several days/weeks/months depending on the coders experience). If you're willing to learn, it's one more think you can add on your resume. If you're not willing to learn, it'll cost you money. Help around here is free, doing it for you isn't.

Note: We have a job section where you post your requirements and potential pay for the completed project. There are also several sites around that charge a certain amount depending on the complexity of the program, but that's likely to cost you a lot of money. Your best bet is to either learn, or find an independent coder who could use some money (believe me, there are plenty of them) and will work with you every step of the way.

Edit: To use a macro recorder, they typically have a Red circle to indicate record, then you move the mouse, click, press keys, etc. until it's exactly what you want. The you click the record button again to stop recording. Advanced recorders will allow you to view/edit/save as you please,but they're not typically free. Pressing the play button after you record a macro will make the macro redo everything you just did.
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I understand. (about Macro Recorder)

About AHK. what is that?
Auto HotKey. It's a scripting language built around C++. It has a very easy to use coding interface and the concept started out as a way to remap hotkeys and provide macros. It can control your keyboard, mouse, joystick, windows, display's amazing to say the least. There are tons of languages out there, but it's the only one I've used and you could, if you learned the language make a good script within a week or so. You can make an even better one within a month. And before you know it, you won't even need to sit at your computer while you're at work, it'll end up doing your entire job while you get paid for playing solitaire.

Link to the AHK_l version (better in my opinion):
Thank you so much. thanks alot

I will ask for help when I struggle with the AHK.
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could you answer me what is Return and AHK please?
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and I would like to know to use Msg box as my need.
MsgBox, 4, , Would you like to continue?
IfMsgBox, No
; Otherwise, the user picked yes.
MsgBox You pressed YES.

a window appears and there are YES and NO to click. (two bottom)

how to make more than two bottoms to click?
and how to add link to the bottom?

as example above. if I click yes, it will show you pressed YES. what if I want to add a link not the work You Pressed YES?
AHK has it's own forum and the users there are very knowledgeable about their language. But, since I have some experience, I'll help you out and get you started on some things that you need to know.

First, if you haven't read it yet, start here:

Second, here is a link to every command that AHK_L supports:

Third, specifically for MsgBox:

And fourth, here is a link to their forums:

You will need to register, and it's free. It just takes a few seconds/minutes to sign up.

Now, onto your question. Reading the documentation, your code MsgBox, 4, , Would you like to continue? has this effect:
It creates a window that has no title
It creates two buttons on it (Indicated by the number 4)
Displays the text "Would you like to continue?"

If you want to change what buttons are displayed, you can change the 1st argument to a different number (refer to the reference to what each number does).

Reading through the code, after you click no, the "return" statement means to quit the script (depending on the location of where this code sample would be located) since I assume it's part of the global location. If you didn't click No, it will skip that if statement and move onto the next line MsgBox You pressed YES. This generates yet another message box that has an OK button on it, and displays the text "You pressed YES.

It does take some knowledge to generate what you're trying to make, but I'll show you some things that you'll want to learn specifically. This is one of the most used features of AHK for me. It sends commands to the computer to force your mouse to click on certain locations (either left or right). You can set the speed of the mouse, make it double click, or even click and drag. This is a predefined variable that contains information about what's in the clipboard. This is what stores information when you "copy" something. This is information about sending any type of user input to the computer. It can control the mouse, keyboard, etc. I'd suggest using this to send the hotkeys CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste) so that the script can copy paste for you. You might also need to use ALT+TAB (app switch) to switch between two windows.

Those are going to be the information you will need to use. However, some other things you might want to know is the GUI. This is an easy to design GUI for your script. I don't believe you need it since AHK doesn't need any kind of interaction from you. Once you write a script, it will continue to go until it reaches a certain condition. Here is information on the GUI (there is a lot of information pertaining to this subject though):

One last thing, you should figure out if you want hotkeys for your program (quick start/stop key combinations) so that it won't do anything until you press (for example) WIN+SHIFT+1. Then you might want to create a pause/stop hotkey that will stop the script, in case your boss walks in or something. Most companies don't look too fondly upon using external programs.

Good luck, and if you feel you absolutely need more help, PM me instead. This isn't a topic for this forum.
thank you so much. I try my best to get all this knowledge.
I have read it but I doubt the word Return. what does it use for?

Thank you.
The same thing it's used for in C++, to return from a function. In this case, if you encounter return, it just stops, nothing else after wards is executed.
could you make an example please? I really don't understand at all.

Thank you
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hi.. can the ahk connect to excel? I want ahk copy from excel, exactly cell.
how to do it?
It might be possible using the Windows COM objects. You'll have to do some research. I can't write this whole thing up, it would take some time even knowing what you're doing. You'd have to make this be a project that you work on in your spare time. Like I said, the AHK community is very helpful and they'll be able to help you further. This isn't a topic for this forum so I won't be able to provide you any further assistance. Good luck though.
I see. thank you
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