Hello I am new to cplusplus can any one suggest me the best compiler for c++ in windows 8 i am using dev c++ now but it is not working in my lappy now please help with this.Thanks in advance
Dev-C++ is an IDE (See:

Dev-C++ is outdated, assuming the BloodShed version, and it is highly recommended that you switch to a more modern IDE. I haven't even seen a computer with Windows 8 yet, let alone attempt to install an IDE, but I'll give you my typical suggestions for IDEs.

Code::Blocks ( *Preferred*
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 (

Now, both offer a compiler with them, obviously Microsoft offers it's compiler, while Code::Blocks offers the MinGW version of g++. Since you're asking about a compiler, you need to make sure you download the mingw-setup version of Code::Blocks.

There is other options out there, but those are the two most used IDEs and compilers.
Thanks for the reply,Code blocks compiler is really working good : D
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