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Hello World!

I finished an introduction course at my local community college, it was a C++ intro course that covered the basics but left off at the Object Oriented part.
(Pointers, Classes, Objects, all that stuff). The class was not difficult but not easy either in my opinion. It was 'okay' in terms of difficulty.

Here is my question though: One of the staff, (my professor) in the Comp Science Department, advised me to take a programming class in Java and then go on to the continuation class (OOP in C++) of the intro class I just finished (Intro to C++).
She said it would make the transition a lot smoother and make me better suited to take the class. Well, I took her advice and signed up for the Java course but now I am wondering if I made a mistake. Do you guys think I should just go straight to the OOP in C++ class or should I stick to her advice and take Java then the rest of C++ class.
I would stick with her advice ( and I would have advised you the same ).

Java is all about classes and will help you grasp the concepts of OOP with less difficulty than C++. Syntactically, Java is easier to write and read for a beginner (in my opinion).

When I started I jumped straight into C++ then to OOP C++. Worst mistake of my life! I took a course in Java and then retook the second semester of C++. After taking Java the concepts of C++ classes we're much easier to grasp.
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Catfish, all that did was confuse me and scare me away from programming.
Whats the deal with all this bad talk about different languages?
It makes newbies like me confused and lost and leaves us not knowing where to go next! lol
Pick a language and stick with it, but it's nice to know everyone's views on languages. C++ programmers don't typically talk bad about other languages, but they're also talked badly upon, it seems, the most. There are a lot of people against Java, my biggest complaint is the use of their "VOS" to run programs. Java, and many of the other popular languages are good, but I've settled in with C++ because it just feels right to me (there are exceptions to this and make me go WTF? a lot) but as you learn more about the syntax and what the language can do, you really begin to appreciate C++ more and more.

I will have to read the links more, but the first one is dead on. It's just saying that, to summarize, don't think that OOP is a requirement of programming, it's not. But the concept is something that should be learned to make your life easier. Once learned, don't think that everything has to be an object, but that objects might or might not be a better approach than the other. It's a theory that takes time and practice to really understand the benefits and side effects. OOP takes time to write and to design, but can save you a lot of headaches later on when improving upon said objects.
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