Ideas for a C++ Project ?

Hey guys,

Can someone please suggest a really awesome idea for a C++ project? I have already done a maze game, a chess game and some card games, but I need something new for my school project. Can someone please tell me a pretty awesome project idea (maybe something you guys made when you started out) ?

Thanks a lot,
I made program that randomly generates solvable sudoku puzzles. That was an interesting project! You'd really have to get down to the nitty grittys of sudoku solving techniques.
Search for something called easyBMP, it is a class you can use to open and manipulate bitmaps. You could create a program that opens bitmaps and modifies them. Such average pixel colors, converting to black and white, resizing.

You could even rewrite the easyBMP portion as well. This would allow you to use classes, file i/o, loop through pixels and come up with some methods to modify them.

Then again if you have already done a maze and chess game this might be a little too easy for you. Perhaps do the same thing, but support more file formats and create a GUI.
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