Somehow I lost a (or some) configuration i Code Blocks. I have just reconfigured it to see the compiler folder but for some reason the desktop-programs in c++, I have developed, are not working anymore.

A simple code like this one:

cout << "Hello world!" << endl;
return 0;

is not working (I expect to see "Hello world!" on the commandline) and I don't get any error messages either.

What might be missing here? Any ideas?

sedso wrote:

You wouldn't be double-clicking on the executable would you?

Run it from the terminal/command prompt and see what happens.
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I do not understand if it is a .exe file it should work even if you do not have a compiler & IDE so I think some DLL may be corrupt or maybe the code generation may be set to /MT. If do not know if code::blocks allows you to change the code generation mode.

Good luck !

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