Pushing a Beginner in the right direction!

I am fairly new to c++ as a language, and programming as a whole. I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials, pdfs of books, or any media that they could think of off hand that would be best for beginners?
I know some of you will tell me to just look things up online, but my reason for asking is that I'd like a bit of direction from a programmer with experience, someone who has already went down the rabbit hole so-to-speak.
Thanks in advanced guys!
i would consider myself a noob with C++, but i would consider myself fluent in Python. Throughout my programming though i have mostly used google. If you google right you can come up with almost any answer that you need, faster than you can get from a book, or you can get different peoples' perspectives in communites. I google for tutorials and get a few different ones, go through all of them. Then you have forums, google+ communities, etc. Then you also have youtube videos, if you are more of a video sort of person. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6E50B89DA30C77A. I couldn't say for books as it appears the ones i bought are almost like references/dictionary. Most knowledge i get though is not from a book but from one of the other resources. Plus a book once you buy it doesnt get updated. Interenet gives me constant updates on everything (not that C++ gets a new version a lot, but other languages do quite often)
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I am still a beginner when it comes to programming based on my experience. I think I really have a good grasp of all the basics that that all languages share like conditions, loops, creating objects, etc. I can do all that stuff fine but what I really don't understand (or don't know where to find) is finding information on what classes a language already has and more importantly, what they even do.
I am an advanced user of C++, and the point from which I started was the tutorial on: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
Though, after that, I had followed this tutorial, and I can say it's the best out there, if you want to get used to syntax and very relevant information in C++, I recommend you to follow Bucky Robert's tutorial on C++: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=ECAE85DE8440AA6B83

Hope I could help,
~ Raul ~
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