Codeblocks dosent work with C++11

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So the code is this:

int number = 123;
string text = to_string(number);
number = stoi(number);

but it says that to_string and stoi are not decleared in this scope. I also putter std:: infront of those words, but then it said they are not a member of std. I have my compiler set to use C++11 in the compiler setttings, i also tryed to use the other way by writing -std=c++0x (something like that), but it still didint work. I also have string and iostream included. Help please? I use The newest nightly build and the newest GCC 4.7.1.
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This is a bug in MinGW.

Otherwise, if you're on Linux, update GCC to latest.

Edit: that page says it's fixed for MinGW 4.8?
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currently Arch has the newest at 4.7.2, and ubuntu default is 4.6.3, but i thought 4.7 and up support c++11
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