Question about the C + + in the area of ​​salaries

How do I work on the C + + calculates the salaries of employees and collecting their salaries and Print Supreme Salary
I don't understand the grammar of the question. Can you give any sort of context?
For example, if we assume that I have 15 employees I want to enter their salaries and then calculate the total salaries and then typing Supreme Salary

Make a class called 'employee', and then create a type-double variable as an object of that class called 'salary'. If you want to make the 'salary' variable private, which is generally a good idea, then you'll need to add a method to Get the salary variable from each employee declared, and then create a function that uses the Get method (declared in the employee class) to get all of the salaries, and then return the result to the caller.
It's been awhile since I've used C++, so if someone more advanced would like to call me on my bullshit, than I implore you to do so. I haven't too much confidence in my answer.
Thank you I will try
Alright. Once you've got some code, post it here. It doesn't have to function (lol computer puns). Even a simple skeleton outline will do, but something tangible that people can get their hands on is very much appealing to people who want to help.
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