Application Error 0x000007b

I have been learning the SDL libraries with C++ and was opening my first program when I got this error message.
"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) ...(you know the rest :D)

Anyways, I have searched everywhere and tried all things to come up with the answer but nothing was helpful so I thought I might make a account here.
I tried moving folders around and files. Have restarted my computer several times and have re-installed Visual Studio C++ 2010. And I also installed the latest version of .net framework.

If this helps, I placed the SDL.dll file which came with the SDL library and other folders inside my new programs .exe folder. I also followed the instructions off this website about 4 times

Additional info:
64 bit Computer
Visual C++ 2010 I wrote it in

Thanks in advance!
I suggest you try downloading a 32 bit version of the SDL.dll file and using that instead. Just because your computer is 64 bit doesn't necessarily mean that is what the compiler is trying to use.

Also make sure you don't have an SDL.dll file in the system32 folder that could be interfering.
Thanks for your help James. I downloaded a 32 bit version and my program ran fine.

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