Tic Tac Toe Algorithm

Can anyone please explain(or just give a link) the Tic Tac Toe Artificial Intelligence algorithm(think its called minimax), I don't want any code but just the explanation of the algorithm in words.
Thanks in advance
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I've never heard of that particular algorithm, but if it plays perfectly here's a nice graphical representation:
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There are specialized tools available called search engines which will automatically generate lists of links given a search phrase.

A popular one is Google. Typing "minimax algorithm" into the search box will even produce an auto-complete suggestion for "minimax algorithm tic tac toe".

Many links are given, each accompanied by a short description to help you filter out the less relevant links.
It's a very useful tool.

@Zhuge. That map is cool.
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Here is a link to an in depth explanation of the Minimax logic algorithm http://ai-depot.com/articles/minimax-explained/.
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